Janet Wright Readings

Where Spirituality Meets Reality

My name is Janet Wright and I am a personal growth psychic reader and healer. I do NOT read the future. I read your energy in the present and the past, so you can be more present and well, and move forward with your personal growth goals.

I help you to create positive change in your daily life step by step by offering:

  • phone readings by appointment

  • videos & guided meditation audio recordings to help you heal yourself every day

My YouTube channel Janet Wright Readings features informational videos where you can learn about your energy, and also guided meditation and self-healing walkthrough videos.

My guided meditation recordings are audio recordings, in mp3 format, that you can purchase here on my website for $5 each. Then you download them to your computer, and can put them on your smartphone and take them anywhere.

See my Specialty page to learn what I do and do not do in my phone readings.

See my Make a List page for sample personal growth goals.

See my About Me page for photos and background information about me.