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photo of Janet Wright personal growth psychic readerMy name is Janet Wright and I am a

psychic reader
energy healer &

I specialize in helping people all over the world to accelerate their spiritual growth and self-healing.

I do NOT read the future. I read your energy in the present and the past, so you can be more present and well, and move forward with your personal growth goals. Your inner wellness and inner balance at this very moment is what is creating your future… so take a deep breath! :-)

My psychic abilities are seeing energy (present, past, past lives, chakras, aura, grounding, etc.), hearing angels, intuition, healing. All my work is done over distance since I stopped doing in-person sessions years ago. I'm considered a distance or remote reader and healer. I help people in the many ways listed below- one on one sessions, recordings, videos, etc. Technical terms for what I do are clairvoyant, clairaudient, chakra healer & reader, aura healing, past life reader, inner-child healer, angel reader, meditation coach, psychic reader that doesn't read the future, personal growth reader (I make up my own terms) etc.

I am almost 47 and I have been working my energy daily since college at 18, reading & healing full time professionally since 31. I laugh and am lighthearted but very present and results focused. My joy is something I uncovered and continue to protect & grow through daily self-healing. I know how to guide people from an overwhelmed or scattered place to one of rooted stability and strength, one step at a time. I'm a happy personal growth geek. Growth and evolvement can always continue. One can always attain deeper levels of joy, a more vivid, delicious and profound inner peace.

Here are the various ways I read, heal, teach, and have fun.

Phone Reading & Healing Sessions. 1hr or 1.5hrs You make a list to prepare and it's a way to explore your healing & growth consciously. I teach you about & read your energy as needed- chakras, aura, being present. We use whatever is necessary to heal you and get you moving forward, psychology psychic hybrid stuff like assisted inner-child healing, life path visualizing, boundaries reading with you and people in your life, etc. For no extra charge I can make an mp3 digital recording of the session that you can download.

NCH - No-Call Healing Sessions. 1hr or 1.5hrs You provide me ahead of time with names for you & your partner, living parents or grandparents, siblings, children if any. I focus on healing you but that may involve healing a family member (with their spirit's consent) as well. I work with your higher self, your spirit, and your angels. Your angels and I improvise the whole time to find the best ways to heal you. There is no call hence the name, & you can be doing anything at that time, even sleeping. When I'm done I send you a brief verbal recap of what I did as an mp3 file you can download.

Group NCH - Group No-Call Healing Sessions. 1hr. I heal 15-20 people at one time, visualizing each person's energy individually with their angels. Each person can be doing anything at that time, even sleeping. When I'm done I'll make and upload a brief youtube video discussing what I did. I would know your first and last name but your anonymity is protected of course- no video shout outs!

Guided Meditation Recordings. Some free, some $5 each, bulk packages available, vary in length. Meditations available for download here on my site, good for focused listening or even half-listening as you do other things. Calming meditation walkthroughs or upbeat webinar class recordings.

YouTube Channel Janet Wright Readings is an educational channel with 42+ videos on chakras, chakra energy healing, grounding, clearing energy chords, etc. Dive in & learn for free! Subscribe to be notified of new posts.

YouTube Channel Janet's Pineapple Time is a new channel for fun personal things I want to share, about my husband and myself, our pets, my hair, our cross country move with 7 pets, anything. Subscribe to be notified of new posts.

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