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Where Spirituality Meets Reality

photo of Janet Wright personal growth psychic readerMy name is Janet Wright and I am a personal growth psychic reader and healer, and teacher. In addition to phone readings, I create instructional & meditation videos, and guided meditation recordings.

I do NOT read the future. I read your energy in the present and the past, so you can be more present and well, and move forward with your personal growth goals.

Why choose me for personal growth readings & meditation recordings?

Thanks to the internet you can find many readers and many meditation recordings. This information and instruction is available at a huge range of pricing, from free or low cost to seminars priced at thousands of dollars. Even though I have a stellar reputation, I still do my best to keep my rates & prices accessible to as many as possible. I try to be as transparent as possible, so you can read my website, my blog, see my videos, etc. to learn and make up your mind about who I am and if my phone psychic readings and/or my guided meditations are for you.

I have been meditating daily for 27+ years for my own self healing and growth since college in 1988. Even a few of the early years where I would stop meditating for a few weeks, miss it, then come back to it have helped me learn and grow. Meditation and self-healing helped me to awaken and access my psychic abilities, developed over many past lives. Reading & healing my own energy has helped me so much I want to help others heal & transform themselves too.

For 14.5 years since 2001 I have been working one on one in personal growth readings with thousands of clients. I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, intuitive, angel reader & healer with a very focused specialty based on what I feel I'm meant to do. Feel free to check out my exact specialty as a psychic reader, and more personal info and photos on my about me page.

I continue to learn how to make more effective, approachable, very short meditations and short meditations, so that more people are able to use them regularly to heal and grow - even beginning meditators. Intermediate or advanced meditators, myself included, can use my longer meditation recordings or mix and match the shorter potent ones. I can literally see the results of using any meditative technique as I am a clairvoyant reader, so I can see the results in myself and also in my clients. My angels and my clients' angels are continually teaching me new techniques so I can use them for myself and teach others.

I just started a meditation blog as well a comment board for my readings and a comment board for my meditations. I will use the feedback to continue to improve. With my blog you can ask follow up questions about my meditations or general meditation technique questions. With my Janet Wright Readings youtube channel you can watch all my free instructional videos and meditation videos, which you can then use in your own improvised meditations and/or with my meditation recordings. On twitter I will be tweeting positive affirmations. On Pinterest I will make boards of images that may inspire your meditations and self-care further.

So the choice is yours! Thanks to everyone who does give me feedback and supports my work in various ways, helping others to find me. I look forward to hearing from you on one of my comment boards, on my blog, on google+, on yelp, on my youtube channel, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter!