How to schedule a session (group or individual)

First read my Home page, my Specialty page, and my Phone Session Make a List page to make sure I am the reader / healer for you. The types of sessions are defined on my Home page and also my Types of Sessions page.

I enjoy reading, healing, and teaching both NEW and return clients.

My email is

  • Upcoming Triplet group energy healing sets are available for purchase on my session payment page now. Awesome themes listed with each set.
  • NEW Auto-Pay Subscription Option for Triplet group energy healing sets. Details & purchasing on session payment page. People can also still buy the old way manually on that page too.

  • I am fully booked for all individual sessions through the end of September.

  • Inspire Sessions are my individual sessions, and October Inspire sessions go up on my session payment page August 15th at a set time, listed below, on the home page, & on the payment page. They sell out within a few hours so please set a reminder for yourself!
  • Old stuff that's gone- Phone sessions ended 8/31/17 after 16 years in favor of newer exciting session types. PDH's & AIR's ended May 2018. I change & grow a lot, so if you like something I'm doing be sure & go for it & make the most of it while it lasts!

  • Sessions are sold 2 months ahead of time on the 15th, so October 2018 sessions go up August 15th, November sessions go up September 15th, etc.
  • Note the exact time of day as individual sessions sell fast. For example, September sessions sold out in 3 hours.

Exact time of day on 15th sessions go up on the payment page. This may change over the months due to daylight savings time in the US or in your country if it's different. Here is the time for August 15th (October sessions for sale)
In United States:
4:30pm PDT / 6:30pm CDT / 7:30pm EDT

11:30pm GMT, 12:30am BST early July 16, 1:30am CEST early July 16

All my sessions now are inventory controlled automatically by paypal so if you can still buy it, it's available.

Optional prep for the motivated:
My sessions can be for those at a beginning, intermediate, or advance level of energy work. I work with both new & return clients. If you want to get started learning right away and get even more from your reading or healing experience, you can practice self-healing with my YouTube video playlist called Foundational Energy Work Videos. Again, this is optional. Or you can peruse my youtube channel JanetWrightReadings and it's various playlists and many current and older videos about meditation, energy healing, and spiritual topics, to see what interests you most. Also all the meditation recordings on this site are free to download. People can clear energy and change with all sorts of consistent, positive behaviors. Energy healing and meditation are only some of the positive behaviors one can do.