Janet Wright Readings & Meditations

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So how much is it?

"Mini Triplets" healing set, set of 3 group healings within one week, each 20 min, on Fri, Sun, Tues.

Sliding scale $30-$50

Use your own judgement as to what is affordable for you. If you can afford the top rate then please pay it. Otherwise view the lower rates to see what is doable for you. Limited to 60 people.
Buy now on session payment page to sign up.

AIR or Angel Inspiration Recordings (September sessions sold out)

Sliding scale $50-$80

October AIR's can be purchased on session payment page starting Tuesday September 12, so put it on your calendar if you wish.

PDH or Personal Deep Healing, a 1hr healing for just you, or you and your immediate family if you wish. There's no call so I just work with your angels and your subconscious spirit the whole time which allows me to go deeper and do more healing for you. You can be doing anything at the time of the healing.

Sliding scale $90-$120.

The meaning & intention behind my pricing:

My rates are not set at market value or what I could have people pay given my level of experience and reputation. My rates are set at a much lower good-karma compassionate level where I aim to make a modest living through remaining accessible to many around the world & helping as many people as possible. Thank you very much for your support.